About our Program

Moline area Crime Stoppers began in 1982 in Moline, Illinois. The concept was so successful in Moline that it was expanded to include all of Rock Island County, Illinois and later also Scott County, Iowa. Through the efforts of local media, businesses, civic and social clubs, law enforcement agencies, and the public, Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities has established itself as an effective tool to fight crime in the Quad Cities area.

Purpose Statement

To promote community welfare and lessen the burdens of the Quad Cities by assisting law enforcement in the apprehension and conviction of criminals through making funds available for use in offering rewards.

By helping develop  community offensive against crime.

By motivating members of the public to cooperate with law enforcement agencies within Scott County, Iowa and Rock Island County, Illinois.

By providing for rewards and awards for such cooperation.

To inform and educate the public by disseminating information as to criminal schemes and tactics so as to further protect the public from criminal activity.

Who is Involved

Bill Burrus      Board Member since 2004
Betsy McKnight-Latko      Board Member since 2005
Kimberly Crane      Board Member since 2015
Connie Adkison      Board Member since 2017 (Treasurer)
Neil Anderson      Board Member since 2017
Chris Bowling      Board Member since 2017
Brandon Prybil      Board Member Since 2018
Mark Carlson      Board Member Since 2018 (Vice President)
Benjamin Palmer      Board Member
Angela Garza      Board Member
David Ostrom      Board member since 2020
Brian Brahm      Board Member Since 2020
James Grafton      Board Member Since 2020
Robert Walker      Board Member Since 2020
James Davies      Board Member Since 2020
Milo "Mike" Tyler      Member
Toby Prybil      Board Member
Jon Leach      Police Coordinator since 2017
Dawn Cook      Administrative Assistant since 1988