Crime Stoppers encourages anyone with information about the cases featured below to call the tip line 309-762-9500 or submit a webtip.

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Name: Paul Campbell
Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian
DOB: Unknown   Age: 51
Height: 6ft3in   Weight: 200
Last Known Location: The Scott County Sheriff’s Office is asking for help locating a missing person. Paul Campbell is a 51 year old Caucasian male, 6'3” tall, 200-220 pounds, and is thought to have been wearing a dark colored t-shirt and a pair of athletic shorts. He is balding with grey hair on the sides and back. He was last seen around 11 PM July 10th 2020 and stopped his vehicle in the middle of the I-280 bridge over the Mississippi River, west bound (Coming from Illinois side and going to Iowa side), coming home after driving for Lyft and Uber. His last ride was given on Uber at 10:53p.m. on the same day. His vehicle, cellphone and wallet were recovered at the scene. If you have any information, please call 9-1-1, Scott County Sheriff’s Office at 563-326-8628, or Crime Stoppers at 309-762-9500.
Missing Persons As Of: 07/10/2020
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Name: David McAllister
Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian
DOB: Unknown   Age: 22
Height: 5ft9in   Weight: 160
Hair: Blonde   Eyes: Blue
Last Known Location: His home in Bettendorf IA
Missing Persons As Of: 05/10/2017

David is a 22 year old white male, 5'9" tall. 160 pounds.   He has medium length dark blonde hair, blue eyes.   He has a number of tattoos.  Most visible are the words  "STAY" inside right elbow  and "TRUE" inside left elbow.   Also has small symbol  between thumb and forefinger on right hand, and small smiley face  between thumb and forefinger on

left hand; and  more.

He was last seen  at home  in Bettendorf, on 5/10/17. He left in the early  morning, so unsure of what clothing  he may have been wearing. The last contact was early  morning on 5/11/17.  He indicated  he would  be home  that  evening  but did not show.   He does not have a car, and  it is unknown  if he went  with someone.  He likes to camp  and  hike.


His family has contacted as many of his friends as possible asking if they  have seen  him.  His phone was last used just before noon on 5/11/17. Last known use of the  cell phone was in the central Davenport, IA area.


If anyone has any information, please  contact the  Bettendorf Police 563-344-4015 or the Crime Stoppers tip line 309-762-9500 or tap the app “P3 Tips.”  All tips are secure and anonymous.

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Name: Jerry Wolking Sr
Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian
DOB: Unknown   Age: 52
Height: Unknown   Weight: Unknown
Hair: Unknown   Eyes: Unknown
Last Known Location: Moline IL
Missing Persons As Of: 1990
Jerry Wolking went missing in 1990.  A few days later his 1988 Chevy Suburban was found at the Quad City Airport.  It had blood on the inside and outside.  There was mud on the vehicle and front end damage.  Foul play is suspected.
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Name: Steve Asplund
Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian
DOB: 07/28/1961   Age: 59
Height: 6ft 0in   Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: Blond   Eyes: Blue
Last Known Location: Moline IL
Missing Persons As Of: 01/10/1994
Steve Asplund was last seen in Moline IL wearing a Bears jacket. He disappeared 4 months before he was to be married.  His car was located by the I-74 bridge in Bettendorf IA.  His insurance card was found at Loud Thunder Forest Preserve in Rock Island County.  Foul play is suspected in his disappearance.
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Name: Trudy Appleby
Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian
DOB: 09/04/1984   Age: 36
Height: 5ft 0in   Weight: 85 lbs
Hair: Brown   Eyes: Blue
Last Known Location: Moline, IL
Missing Persons As Of: 08/21/1996
Trudy Appleby, age 11, was last seen leaving her Moline home in a gray box-like vehicle with a male, white in his 20`s with curly brown hair. 
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Name: Regina McCorkle
Gender: Female   Race: Black
DOB: Unknown   Age: 19
Height: 5ft 6in   Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Brown   Eyes: Brown
Last Known Location: East Moline IL
Missing Persons As Of: 08/14/1981
Regina McCorkle was last seen at her East Moline home.  Her 18 month old son was left alone in the house.  Family say she would never leave her son.  Regina`s possessions were still at her house, including her new car. Police have had very few leads.
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